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La Vie En Rose Perfume
La Vie En Rose Perfume
La Vie En Rose Perfume
La Vie En Rose Perfume

La Vie En Rose Perfume

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Mikana La Vie En Rose is a captivating fragrance that embodies femininity and sensuality. This perfume is perfect for women who love to feel confident and glamorous. It has a unique blend of top notes of pear, pink pepper, and orange blossom, which starts with a burst of freshness that awakens the senses. As it settles, the middle notes of coffee, jasmine, bitter almond, and licorice bring depth and complexity to the scent, while the base notes of vanilla, patchouli, cashmere wood, and cedar create a warm and enveloping finish. This sophisticated fragrance is sure to turn heads and leave a long-lasting impression no matter where you go.

Volume: 50 mL

How to Use: Spray a small amount of the fragrance onto your wrists, neck, and behind your ears. This will ensure that the fragrance is distributed evenly over your skin and will help it last longer. Avoid spraying the perfume on your clothes or jewelry as it may cause stains or damage. For best results, apply the perfume after showering and moisturizing your skin.

Gentle Reminder: Avoid spraying the perfume into your eyes, and do not apply the fragrance on broken or irritated skin.
If you experience any irritation or allergic reactions, stop using the perfume immediately and consult a doctor.
Keep the perfume away from direct sunlight, heat, and high humidity to ensure its quality is preserved.
To maintain the fragrance's quality, store the bottle in a cool and dry place.